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Earthues dyes

Cochineal extract

Cochineal is a scale insect that feeds on the nopal cactus in arid areas of Mexico, Peru, Chile and the Canary Islands, and 85% of the harvest is cultivated by Andean villagers, employing an estimated 400,000 families with this precious cash crop.

Earthues offer an exceptionally high grade of cochineal extract. A potent colourant, cochineal is one of our most concentrated dyes - only need a very small percentage is needed to dye deep shades of fuchsia to raspberry.

Cochineal is pH sensitive, and it is possible to shift its color to scarlet with the addition of citric acid. Use distilled water for dyeing if you live in a hard water area to obtain brightest shades.

Price: £11.50 per 10g [item code DY201]

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Cochineal bugs, Cochineal extract, Cochineal dyed yarns and cloth

Top: Cochineal bugs
Bottom: Cochineal extract
Background: Cochineal dyed yarns and cloths

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