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News - May 2007

New Kool Aid knit mitts in the Gallery

Our latest Gallery submission has to be one of our fastest!

Nicole Harris came to Wonderwool Wales a few weeks ago and bought one of our Kool Aid Funky Dyeing Kits. Nicole left the show at about 1.45 and was home in Cheshire and her 11 year old daughter Phoebe had the yarn dyed by 5.30 the same afternoon!

Nicole and Phoebe divided the yarn that comes with the kit into lots of little skeins but liked the first one that they dyed so much they ended up dyeing them all the same. The yarn was soon dry and Nicole began knitting late Sunday.

You can see the fabulous results here and in their full glory in our Gallery. Nicole knitted the knit mitts a bit longer at Phoebe's request and she is now the envy of her friends!

To see Nicole and Phoebe's knit mitts in our Gallery please click here

Knit Mitts hand dyed with Kool Aid and knitted by Nicole Harris and her daughter Phoebe

Knit mitts by Nicole Harris and Phoebe

Click here to find out more about our Kool Aid Funky Dyeing Kit

Kool Aid Funky Dyeing Kit

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