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News - June 2007

All about...Shaping to Fit

The first part of Debbie's new three part series on shaping is in the June issue of Simply Knitting magazine which is in the shops now.

When we read shaping instructions most of us simply follow the pattern and our garment turns out as the designer intended. But why do designers choose specific shaping techniques? Would it matter if we SSKd when the pattern says to K2tog and if so why?

If you have ever wondered why a designer chose to YO rather than an M1, or have been puzzled by a P2tbl then read Debbie's tutorials over the next three months and all will be revealed!

In part one Debbie shows how shaping affects your knitting and how to decrease to best effect.

Simply Knitting magazine is published by Future Publishing and is available at all good newsagents. If you would like to subscribe to this magazine please call 0870 837 4722 or go to www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

All About... Shaping to Fit article by Debbie Tomkies in the June 2007 issue of Simply Knitting magazine

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