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News - July 2007

New images in the Gallery

We were lucky enough to receive three sets of photos for our Gallery this month.

Melanie Robbins made some knit mitts for her daughter Wenzdae using one of our Kool Aid funky dyeing kits. When she'd finished she had some wool left over so she made some super outfits for Wenzdae's doll Rosy. Wenzdae is six and hand dyed the yarn herself with Melanie supervising.

To see all of Melanie and Wenzdae's work in our Gallery please click here

The second photo we received this month came Ursi Neuenschwander who sent us a picture of the fabulous yarns she dyed with one of our Kool Aid Funky Dyeing Kits.

As well as making the mittens from the yarn and pattern supplied with the kit Ursi knitted some fabulous self-striping socks using some 6-ply sock yarn which is 75% wool and 25% synthetic content. Ursi was pleased to see how well it took on the Kool Aid dye even though it was not pure wool.

For more details and to see Ursi's work in our Gallery please click here

Finally we received a photo of a baby cardigan knitted by Julia Hewitt using our 80% lambswool / 10% angora / 10% cashmere (DK) yarn.

Julia left the yarn in its natural colour and wrote "I wanted to demonstrate how beautiful your yarns are without being dyed". We're glad you liked the yarn so much Julia and thank you for your generous comments!

To see Julia's baby cardigan in our Gallery detail please click here

A big thank you to Melanie, Wenzdae, Ursi and Julia for taking the time to send us your lovely photos.

If you have created something using hand-dyed yarn or fibre please send us a picture! We really would love to see your work. There are details on how to submit pictures on the main Gallery page

Kool Aid dyed doll outfit made by Melanie Robbins

Dolls clothes
by Wenzdae and Melanie Robbins

Knit mitts and self-striping socks from wool hand dyed with Kool Aid by Ursi Neuenschwander from Switzerland

Kool Aid hand dyed socks
by Ursi Neuenschwander

Baby cardigan knitted by Julia Hewitt from Manchester using DT Craft & Design 80% lambswool/10% angora/10% cashmere (DK) yarn

Baby cardigan knitted
by Julia Hewitt

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