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News - September 2007

All About... Edgings Part 1

The first part of Debbie's new series of "how to" articles on edging techniques is in the September issue of Simply Knitting magazine which is in the shops now.

We may not realise it but when presented with a design we often focus on the finish of the piece and in particular the edgings used. A good edging, well executed, should only stand out if that was what the designer intended. Otherwise it should blend harmoniously and subtly with the rest of the piece. While we all know this in theory in practice it isn't always so simple!

In her latest two part series Debbie tackles some of the problems faced by knitters when considering which edging technique to use and offers solutions to solve them. The edgings featured in part one include a rolled border, a patterned border, flares and ruffles and even no edging at all!

Don't forget to look out for part two next month to learn more ways to finish off your knitting with style and panache.

Simply Knitting magazine is published by Future Publishing and is available at all good newsagents. If you would like to subscribe to Simply Knitting please call 0870 837 4722 or go to www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

The first part of All About...Edgings by Debbie Tomkies is in the September 2007 issue of Simply Knitting magazine and is in the shops now!
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