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News - August 2008

New Hue & Dye natural dye extracts

Hue & Dye natural dye extracts logo - new from DT Craft & Design

Hue & Dye natural dye extracts - Brazilwood
Hue & Dye natural dye extracts - Teal
Hue & Dye natural dye extracts - Coreopsis
Hue & Dye natural dye extracts - Sorghoum
Hue & Dye natural dye extracts - Valonia Oak

We know many of you love natural dyeing and appreciate the simplicity and convenience of natural dye extracts so we are thrilled to bring you our own range of extracts under our new brand name Hue & Dye.

These dye extracts are 100% natural and we have selected a range of plants and colours that extend and complement the existing Earthues range of natural dyes. The colours in the Hue & Dye range are:

  • Brazilwood which produces amazing burgundy/clarets and pinks. It is a good "vegetarian" alternative to Lac and Cochineal.
  • Persian Berries which gives rich golds and ochre yellows.
  • Coreopsis is a great source of orange shades and can be modified with iron to produce rich olive-green.
  • Sorghoum is most interesting, giving rich oranges but can be modified to produce dusky pinks.
  • Valonia Oak is ideal for beige and brown shades (darken with an iron sulphate modifier).
  • We've added powdered Myrobalan which is easier to use than the solid resin and yields creamy butter-yellows (add a touch of iron sulphate for soft olive greens).
  • We are also excited to bring you powdered Woad extract - this ancient dye is very popular with historical re-enactment groups (and is easier to use than woad balls or leaves!). Please note: this extract, like indigo, requires a vat-dye method.
  • Last but not least is Teal. This is a mixture of extracts and gives as near to blue as we have seen without using indigo or woad. As the name suggests it is a teal-green/blue and can be modified to give greener shades using iron sulphate. It is a useful extract for when a vat dye isn't a practical option.

For more information or to order one of these fabulous new natural dye extracts please click here

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