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News - September 2008

Ulster Guild Natural dyeing workshop

Members of the Ulster Guild of Weavers, Spinner and Dyers during the natural dyeing workshop run by Debbie Tomkies

Dye baths cooling outside during the natural dyeing workshop run by Debbie Tomkies for the Ulster Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers at the Ulster Folk Museum

A warm welcome greeted us in Belfast recently where the Ulster Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers had invited us to run a two day natural dyeing workshop using Earthues natural dye extracts and our own new Hue & Dye natural dye extracts.

The delightful venue for the workshop was the Ulster Folk Museum. With lots of hands-on activities and demonstrations going on in reconstructed shops, streets and houses at the museum, members are used to people thinking they are "exhibits" and we had quite a few curious looks and enquiries from visitors!

As Pete patiently sorted a kaleidoscope of yarns onto sample cards, Debbie made sure skeins and fibres were emerging from pots at a rapid rate and the variety of colours was amazing. There were fibres and yarns from all corners of the world: linen, bamboo, soy, wool, camel, silk and more. One of the most exciting thing about running a workshop is seeing everyone's individual styles and colour combinations and there were some inspirational examples over the weekend.

A huge thank you to the Guild for inviting us along, for being such a great bunch of people to work with and for the lovely lunches! A very special thank you must go to to Joanne, Gareth and Jack for sharing their home with us and making us feel so welcome from the moment we arrived.

To find out more about the weekend click here to visit Debbie's blog

If your Guild, college or group would like to host a workshop please contact us for further details.

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