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News - May 2012

Royal mail price increases


As you are all no doubt aware the Royal Mail dramatically increased the price of first and second class stamps from the end of April. Less publicised was the fact that they reduced the number of weight bands for sending packets and removed all divisions below 750g. In practice that means that even a very small packet is now charged as if it weighs 750g! As well as reducing the weight bands the Royal Mail have also increased the prices to be charged. Over 750g the price bands have increased in price by between 59p and £1.35!

We have always attempted to make our postage prices as fair as possible, not penalising customers placing small orders nor being cost prohibitive for larger orders. One issue we have to accomodate is some of our more inexpensive products (such as mordants and fixers) are also very heavy.

We have never attempted to make money from postage, only to cover our costs and break even which, across the years, we have always managed to do. However the impacts of the Royal Mail's latest price changes are proving a little more challenging to assess.

With reluctance we have, with immediate effect, raised the prices of our higher postage brackets so if your order costs between £20.00 and £49.99 the new charge is £4.75 and between £50.00 and £99.99 it is now £5.75. The lowest price bracket (up to £19.99) remains unchanged at £2.95 and orders for £100 or over are still post free.

Our terms & conditions have said to allow 10 days for delivery however we have always used first class post so many orders arrive the next day. Again with reluctance we will have to use second class postage for orders under 1kg. For orders over 1kg we are currently assessing whether to use first class postage or Royal Mail parcels depending upon which gives the most cost effective service. If you need an order urgently please get in touch and we will be able to quote you an additional cost for first class or special/next day delivery.

If we can in anyway reduce our postage costs by the use of alternative services or by increasing the price bands we offer then we will do so and will pass these savings straight on to you as our customers. As we said above we have never attempted to make money from postage, only to cover our costs and break even, and will continue to do so.

In summary we would like to apologise for these changes in our delivery policies and prices which are outside of our control and result solely from the Royal Mail's latest price changes. We would also like to thank all of you for your support and custom over the past 7 years and look forward to meeting your needs for many years to come.

Please note the above applies to UK orders only. Orders to destinations outside of the UK may be subject to a surcharge to cover additional costs. Please contact us before ordering and we can quote you a price for delivery.

Royal Mail price booklet 2012 cover
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