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What equipment do I need?

Our dye-it-yourself project kits include all the dyes, fixer and yarn that you need to make your chosen project. Each kit also includes full instructions and the knitting or crochet pattern to make your finished project.

To dye your yarn you will need water and some salt. You will also need a few basic household items.

  • Dust mask
  • Newspapers or plastic sheets to cover surfaces
  • A plastic or stainless steel (not aluminium) bucket for soaking your yarn
  • One or more flat-bottomed dishes or pans, preferably with lids, in which to dye the yarn. When dyeing animal fibres dishes should be suitable for the microwave, hob or oven, as you will need to heat your yarn briefly to fix the dye
  • Cling film (saran wrap) for heating animal fibres by steaming or for covering pots without lids
  • Kitchen measuring jug for measuring water
  • Stirring stick: e.g.: wooden or plastic spoon
  • Containers each capable of holding 250ml (1 cup) dye solution - essentially any container which can be used to apply the dye solutions to the yarns. Squeezy "sports" drink or water bottles are ideal, jam or similar jars, well-rinsed plastic milk containers or large pop / soda bottles. (Please ensure you always label containers carefully)
  • If dyeing animal fibres you will need access to an oven, hob, steamer or microwave depending on your chosen heating method
  • Funnel for easy transfer of dye powders to dye solution bottles (optional)
  • Adhesive labels or permanent marker pen for marking up dye solution bottles (optional)
  • Storage containers (optional): glass or plastic bottles with lids for storing unused dye solution (Please ensure you always label containers carefully)
  • Notebook (optional): for recording your methods and results for use in future projects

You will also need knitting needles or crochet hooks in the size stated.

If you have any questions about hand-dyeing of yarn or any of the products we sell please contact us

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Dye bottles and labels

Jugs and measuring spoons

Dye storage jars

Click here to read our brief introduction to hand-dyeing

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