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Kit 4 - Afghan blanket in patchwork squares

Afghans are so simple they are truly a pleasure to make. Patchwork Afghans have the added advantage of being made up of small, very portable pieces, which can easily be made on the move. This patchwork-style Afghan blanket is knitted in a warm and soft 100% pure wool (Aran). Only knit and purl stitches are used with no shaping so it is a pleasure to make.

This kit produces an Afghan which is an ideal size for a child's stroller or snuggle-blanket. It makes a great lap-blanket, perfect for taking off the chill when you’re sitting outside watching the sunset. It’s also great for extra warmth round your shoulders or knees on car journeys.

In the photographed example only two base dyes were used (brilliant pink and deep purple), with a small amount of black. The colour changes were achieved simply by using varying dilutions of the pink and the purple adding a little bit of black to tone down the colours for some of the shades. These techniques are explained in the instructions that come with the kit.

The kit will make an Afghan blanket 67cm (26½ins) wide by 96.5cm (38ins) long.

The kit includes:

  • 800g 100% pure wool (Aran)
  • 2 x 10g, 1 x 5g Procion MX dyes of your choice
  • fixer
  • accessory pack (gloves, apron, measuring spoon)
  • full instructions and knitting pattern

In addition, you will need:

Price £60.00 [item code KT004]

The photographed design used the dyes Brilliant Pink, Deep Purple and Black but you can choose any three colours from our range - click here to see the full palette.

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Kit 4 - Afghan blanket in patchwork squares

Click here to read our brief introduction to hand-dyeing

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