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Kit 12 - Mobile phone holster

Have you ever missed a call on your mobile phone because you lost it at the bottom of your handbag/rucksack? For those of you who are with me on this one, you’ll know the feeling of scrabbling around frantically while you throw things out of your bag, knowing that at any moment the ringing will stop and you’ll be left wondering who the caller was, hoping it was only your husband reminding you to buy bread on the way home!

Well, it was that feeling which inspired this project. The holster can be made any length you wish, to accommodate the seemingly ever-changing size of mobile phones. It will also accommodate mp3 players and some of the smaller digital cameras. The strap can be made to a length which suits you, whether you prefer an over-the-shoulder, across-the-shoulder, round the neck, or belt style.

My choice of yarn for this project is a cotton viscose. It takes dye well and the viscose gives a slight lustre which is subtle but effective. The yarn looks delicate but it is actually very strong. It also crochets up surprisingly quickly for such a fine yarn.

This kit will make a holster to fit most sizes of mobile phone and has an across-the-shoulder strap.

The kit includes:

  • 50g cotton/viscose slub (4 ply)
  • 3 x 5g Procion MX dyes of your choice
  • fixer
  • accessory pack (gloves, apron, measuring spoon)
  • full instructions and crochet pattern

In addition, you will need:

Price £12.50 [item code KT012]

The photographed design used the dyes Orange Scarlet, Royal Blue and Lemon Yellow but you can choose any three colours from our range - click here to see the full palette.

To order online please enter your three choices of dye colour in the box below and then click the Add to Basket button

Kit 12 - Mobile phone holster

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