Summer School 2015
DT Craft & Design at Wonderwool Wales
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DT Craft and Design dyeing colourway
DT Craft and Design book tie dye lizzie king
DT Craft and Design - mordants and fixers - fructose
Mordants & Fixers
DT Craft & Design - pocket colour wheel
DT Craft and design hue and dye acid milling dye colour samples
DT Craft and Design - hand dyed sock blank

Summer School – Sock Blanks!

Summer School – Sock blanks! Today was an expanse of painting, stippling, sponging spraying and dipping. Everyone was given one of our beautiful undyed Bluefaced Leicester/nylon sock blanks – 100g of two-stranded knitted fabric – designed for dyeing and unravelling…
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Association of Guilds of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Summer School, Askham Bryan College, York

Summer School part one!

Summer School and the colours are exploding everywhere! Three days into Summer School and we are having an amazing time! The students have been kept busy and so far the group have produced over 150 samples and between them have…
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Summer School – Ball dyeing and sampling

Summer School Day One Day One was a helter skelter of introductions, lots of sampling, starting the first colourways (and a bit of maths!). Before the course, students were encouraged to bring inspiration images and objects and they had clearly…
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The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Summer School at Askham Bryan College, York

We’re Going To Summer School!

It’s busy here at the DT Crafts HQ as we’re off to the Association of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers Summer School at Askham Bryan College near York next week. I’m teaching a week long workshop called ‘Dyeing: A Technique (or…
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#septtextilelove Day 19: Nature - Inspiration from @theedensessions for the Sept Dye-a-Long over on the #FB discussion page and some natural dye plants (madder and goldenrod) from the garden 😊🌈 #naturaldye…

Work on new projects by members of my Thursday Textile Group at @Art_Alty. Preparatory sketch for a mixed media piece commemorating #peterloo and an exhibition piece in needlefelt and stitch inspired by Japanese art.…

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