20 Days of Christmas Countdown! Back to Nature Raw Natural Dyestuffs Kit


8 in stock (can be backordered)

50% Merino wool/50% tencel superwash laceweight yarn (100g)

55% silk 45% cashmere (DK) (50g)

100% cotton gimp (DK) (50g)

Pure wool mini skeins 5 x 20g (non-superwash) 4ply (sock)

100% superwash Bluefaced Leicester sock (4 ply) (100g)

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We’re sorry you missed it but the Back to Nature Raw Natural Dyestuffs kit is still in stock at the normal price here​

Christmas Countdown Day 7!

It’s Day 7 of our 20 Days of Christmas Countdown and today we have a very special offer for you. For today only you can get our Back to Nature natural dyestuffs dye kit at a super discount of £5 against our regular selling price. In addition to your choice of natural dyestuff we will also include a free sample of marigold flowers in your parcel!

Plus, as there is plenty of dye in the kit, you can also purchase a selection of our yarns with 10% off too!

Remember this offer will last for 24 hours only (and while stocks last so don’t delay or you might miss out!). To take advantage of the special price you must purchase the product from this page – if you use the regular product page you will be charged full price.

If you are new to natural dyeing our starter kits are an ideal way to begin. Our Natural Dyestuffs kit includes a selection of natural dyestuffs, mordants (fixers) for both animal and plant fibres, colour modifiers, an accessory pack and full instructions. All you need to add is some basic household equipment and water.

I designed this kit specifically for natural dyers who want to go right back to basics, working from raw (dried) dyestuffs to produce vibrant, rich shades that span the colour spectrum.

In your kit you will find 4 wonderful natural dyestuffs that can be combined or mixed with our natural extracts (available separately) to create rich, vibrant shades, pastels and muted tones. You could even add plants from your garden to give your work the personal touch!

In your kit you will find:

  • 100g madder root (reds/oranges/browns)
  • 100g fustic chips (yellows/ochres/golds/khakis)
  • 100g logwood chips (purple/lavender/lilac/greys/black)
  • 25g cochineal bugs (pinks/rose/burgundy/coral)
  • 250g aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) – mordant/fixer
  • 50g aluminium acetate – mordant/fixer
  • 100g ferrous sulphate – colour modifier
  • Vinyl gloves, measuring spoon
  • My comprehensive instruction booklet


With these dyestuffs you can make a wide range of colours with enough mordant (fixer) to dye 2.5kg of protein (animal) fibre/yarn/fabric and 1kg cellulose (plant) fibres. The dyestuffs will go much further and you can order extra alum too. And of course, you’re not limited to the colours as they come  – your kit will produce hundreds of different shades and colour combinations!