Fibre Reactive (procion mx) Dyes



Our high quality fibre reactive (procion mx) dye supplied in sturdy, screwtop pots. Wide neck allows easy access and ensures minimal waste. Colours are fully blendable and produce pastels through deep shades.

  • 0.1g Dye will dye 100g goods to a pastel shade
  • 1g Dye will dye 100g goods to a medium shade
  • 2-4g Dye will dye 100g goods to a deep shade (4g for deep red and full black)


Procion MX dyes are suitable for:

  • Protein (animal) fibres, silk and nylon (using hot method).
  • Cellulose (plant) fibres, cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, viscose, rayon, silk, bamboo, soy, seacell etc. (using cold method)



  • Citric acid or vinegar to fix (hot method).
  • Sodium carbonate (‘soda ash’) to fix (cold method)


Uses: Use for immersion, low-water immersion, dip-dye, handpaint, thicken with manutex for printing and stamping etc.

Comes with simple instruction sheet.

For more comprehensive instructions, you may like our instruction booklet or one of our starter kits.