20 Days of Christmas Countdown! Indigo natural dye kit


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Add selected yarns, a scarf or tote to go with your kit!

Silk scarf - undyed white for hand-dyeing

100% Merino wool superwash laceweight yarn (100g)

75% merino 25% nylon superwash sock (4ply) (100g)

Natural ecru 100% cotton (DK) (100g)

Cotton tote bag dyeing & printing kit

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Christmas Countdown - Day Eleven!

£2 off our normal price!

Our indigo starter kit is a popular Christmas gift – it’s the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of indigo dyeing. And with £2 off it’s even better!

10% discount on selected yarns, our undyed silk scarf or cotton tote!

Indigo can be used on almost any natural fibre and is perfect for all kinds of techniques – shibori, tie-dye, resist dyeing and more. It’s also perfect on yarn so we’ve included some  special yarns as well as our luxury undyed silk scarf at a special price – 10% off!

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About your kit:

Our natural indigo dye kit is a great kit to introduce you to the magic of nature’s beautiful blues!

We offer two indigo dye kits; both kits use pure, natural indigo and are dyed using a ‘reduction’ process. In this kit, the reduction is achieved by using thiourea dioxide (‘thiox’) or sodium hydrosulphite (‘hydros’) which removes the oxygen from the vat. Combined with sodium carbonate (‘soda ash’) in the kit, the indigo is made soluble and converts into leuco indigo (indigo white). The vat is a greeny-yellow at this stage.

When the yarns, fabrics or fibres are introduced into the vat, the leuco indigo attaches to the fibres. At this stage, it is still in its soluble form.

Once the materials are removed from the vat (after just a few minutes) they are a greeny-yellow. As they are exposed to the air, the indigo returns to its insoluble form and the magical blue appears. It really is fascinating to watch!

In your kit you will find:

  • 20g Pure Indigo powder
  • 100g oxygen reducing agent
  • 125g sodium carbonate
  • Gloves and measuring spoon
  • Comprehensive dye instruction booklet written by Debbie Tomkies specially for this kit

If you would like to buy top-up ingredients, you can buy our indigothiourea dioxide and sodium carbonate separately.

Who is this kit suitable for?

This is our standard indigo kit (which uses either thiourea dioxide ‘thiox’ or sodium hydrosulphite ‘hydros’ and sodium carbonate – ingredients used in laundry products). It is quick to set up and maintain and easy to use. An ideal introduction to indigo for beginners.

For a complete beginner, with the comprehensive instructions included in the kit you should be able to set up a successful vat and produce stunning fabrics, yarns and fibres from the palest pastels to rich blues.

What else will I need?

Just some basic equipment most of which you may already have. Please note that any utensils/dishes used for dyeing should not be used for cooking food afterwards:

  • A pan, microwave dish or oven tray for cooking your hand-dyed yarn
  • Cloths and something to cover surfaces
  • A couple of plastic beakers (or old cups) for mixing dyes
  • Stirring spoon or stick
  • pH papers or a pH measure