Kool Aid drinks powders – food colour-based dyes



All gone! But also, good news!

Due to transport costs and the exchange rate, we’ve reluctantly decided to stop selling Kool Aid.

But, in other news, we are introducing a new range of our own, all-in-one dyes using the same dye colour bases as Kool Aid and other food dyes 🙂

So, whilst we can’t add that lovely (or not!) synthetic, fruity scent, you will still be able to get all your favourite colours using food-approved dyes.

(But please don’t use them for food as they are mixed in the studio so definitely not for food use!).

We’ve now sold all our remaining stock of Kool aid.

However, all is not lost!

We are introducing our own range of all-in-one, food colour based dyes. You can find our first kits here and individual pots will be available soon.

Sorry to all you Kool aid fans but we hope you will like our new dyes which are stronger and more cost-effective (although they don’t smell fruity!).