Kool Aid & Hawaiian Punch drinks powders – food colour-based dyes



These American soft drinks powder contain food colour that can be used as a dye! Yes, it will dye protein (animal) fibres, silk and nylon and is light, colour and washfast.


One sachet will dye approximately 25g of yarn/fleece or fibre to a medium strength (note: lemonade requires 2 sachets for 25g).


No fixer is required, simply dissolve the sachet in water, add the damp fibres/yarn, heat, cool and rinse. Heating can be by microwave, steamer, slow cooker, on the stove or in the oven. We recommend separate pots and utensils for dyeing, even with kool aid (no-one appreciates a fuzzy casserole!).


A great way to try dyeing with kids and for your first dye experiments 🙂


(Please note: We sell Kool Aid for dyeing purposes only and not for food use/consumption)