100% silk bouclé (DK) (25g)


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This unusual pure silk is lustrous and surprisingly springy for a silk yarn. It dyes fantastically and has a gorgeous texture. Use it on its own or combined with other yarns.

Uses: Great for bags and accessories, for accenting garments and soft furnishings, scarves, shrugs, vests and evening wear. Choose simple stitches for best effect.

Dyes beautifully with our fibre reactive, acid or natural dyes.

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Yardage (metreage)


Needle/hook size

Suggested needle/hook sizes: 4mm-5mm



Washing instructions

Wash by hand in warm water with pH neutral wash liquid. Rinse carefully in warm water then squeeze excess water out by hand. Do not wring. Roll in a clean, lint-free towel if required to remove excess moisture and leave to dry out of direct sunlight in a warm place. Do not dry over a radiator or with direct heat.