20 Days of Christmas Countdown! – Wild Colour by Jenny Dean


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Mordants (fixers) and colour modifiers that Jenny uses in the book...

Copper Sulphate (100g)

Ferrous (Iron) sulphate (100g)

Aluminium Acetate - mordant for natural dyeing plant (cellulose) fibres Christmas

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Christmas Countdown - Day Thirteen!

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One of our best-selling natural dye books and a great introduction to anyone looking to use plants from their garden, natural dyestuffs and dye extracts to colour fabric, yarn and fibres.

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To get you started on your natural dyeing adventures, we’ve put together some of the most popular mordants (fixers) and colour modifiers Jenny uses in the book and you can buy these with your book today for a special price – 20% off!

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A celebration of the wealth of natural dyes that can be obtained from over 60 species of plants from common marigolds to rhubarb. Part one introduces the concept of natural dyeing and demonstrates how easy it is to get started. All the techniques are explained with step-by-step sequences and photographs. Colour charts help you to work out which method is best for each dye plant and material. Part two reveals the wide range of plants that you can use for natural dyeing. Colour swatches show the tried and tested range of colours you can extract from each plant. Clear step-by-step explanations of all natural dyeing techniques, including mordanting and modifying, emphasising environmentally friendly methods Features 66 plants with over 250 colour swatches showing the vast and vibrant range of colours you can obtain Beautiful photography and easy-to-follow text, which combine to provide the complete guide to natural dyein Debbie says: “Reprinted after much haranguing of the publishers, Jenny’s Wild Colour has long been one of the most sought-after titles for beginner dyers (as well as more experienced ones!). Getting started is easy with clear step-by-step photos. There are also simple to follow methods for woad and indigo and a good range of recipes, organised by dyestuff. Get your copy before it goes out of print again!”.