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Kool Aid hand dyeing kits

Jacobs Ladder toe up sock Kool Aid dyeing kit

With this elegant sock a delicate lace pattern flows from the toe and is joined at the ankle by two more lace panels. Each panel has a simple border to add emphasis and to create the impression of ladders. As the name suggests, the pattern is knitted from the toe up and uses a provisional cast-on to make a nice, comfortable toe. Although it looks delicate, alpaca is a surprisingly strong, warm fibre and the inclusion of a touch of nylon in the blend gives added strength and wearability.

Our Jacobs Ladder toe up Kool Aid sock kit includes twelve Kool Aid dyes, 100g of our exclusive alpaca/nylon sock yarn, gloves, an apron, instructions and a knitting pattern to make a pair of luxurious, soft socks with your own hand dyed yarn. The kit is supplied in a box which is microwave safe so you can use it to heat your dyed wool to make it colour fast.

The Kool Aid dyes provided are: strawberry (red), orange, lemonade (yellow), lemon-lime (green), ice blue raspberry lemonade (blue) and grape (purple). To order individual Kool Aid dyes click here

Please note that we supply Kool Aid for hand dyeing only and not for food use. Kool Aid is a registered trade mark of Kraft Foods Inc.

Price: £17.00 [item code KT026]

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Click here to see a larger image of our Jacobs Ladder toe up sock!

Jacobs Ladder toe up sock Kool Aid dyeing kit

Kool Aid sachets
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