Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft & Design in the dye studio

I adore colour.  Ever since I was small, rainbows have been one of my favourite things and I collect them as others collect stamps or train numbers:  so much so that my family and friends will often buy rainbow-coloured items for me saying “I looked at it and thought, that’s so Debbie I had to buy it”.  And believe me, I have had some wonderful, often unexpected gifts this way!  It may sound odd, but the colours of a rainbow make me smile.  Something about that combination of red through yellow via orange, to violet via the blue and green spectrum really lifts my mood no matter how fed up I am.  (Chocolate has a similar effect, but colours don’t transfer directly to my hips and waistline!).

It has been most reassuring for me, therefore, to learn that scientists have now “proven” what most of us knew instinctively – that colour can be a huge influence our moods and emotions.  Of course, anyone who has ever felt the passion of a fiery sunset, or enjoyed the lush greens of a country landscape could have told them this without needing proof or theory, but I guess that’s science…

I have to say, though, that beautiful as it is, colour also has its frustrations.  Whilst we may “feel” colours instinctively, all too often when we want to recreate these feelings in our crafts we are hampered by lack of confidence about mixing and combining colours or hindered by thoughts of complex patterns and difficult techniques.

What I hope to achieve when teaching or writing is to persuade people how easy it is to produce dramatic results using just a simple pattern, some basic techniques and a little understanding of colour. I hope I can persuade you that you too can produce beautiful, customized yarns, yarns which you can then use to create some fantastic, unique accessories.

Debbie Tomkies

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever” Mahatma Gandhi