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Tote-ally tie dye – cotton tote tie-dyeing kit


  • Procion MX Dyes (fibre reactive dyes)

  • Procion MX Dyes (fibre reactive dyes)

  • Procion MX Dyes (fibre reactive dyes)

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Start your tie-dyeing adventure with our easy-to-use tie-dye kit!

What is tie-dyeing?

Tie-dye is a way to create fantastic patterns on fabrics using simple things like elastic bands to fold, clamp, twist and scrunch the material.

Depending on how you fold, tie, scrunch it, the patterns will be different – from mesmerising spirals and swirls through to stripes, ombre shades and exciting starbursts – so many options! 

Is it easy?

Yes! Tie-dye is super-easy, quick and fun to do and produces amazing results. Simply soak the item in the fixer, create your pattern by twisting, folding, scrunching etc. (there are lots of ideas in the booklet) and squirt on the dye. Wrap the item in plastic and leave overnight. When you rinse it you’ll unveil your amazing, one-of-a-kind design!

What can I dye?

You can tie-dye just about any fabric made from plants – cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose, rayon (and also silk).

Does the colour last?

Yes! Once the item has been fixed and rinsed it can be washed in the machine as normal (although we don’t suggest throwing your newly dyed t-shirt in with your best white shirt!).

What’s included in the kit:

Your dyeing kit includes:

  • Your choice of 3 pots of our Hue & Dye procion mx (fibre reactive) dyes
  • 125g sodium carbonate (fixer for plant fibres to make your colours permanent)
  • 125g Urea (to keep your fabric damp and help dye absorb into the fabric)
  • A 100% cotton tote bag
  • 3 squeezy bottles for applying the dyes
  • Mini-funnel for filling bottles
  • Elastic bands for tying
  • Measuring spoon
  • Powder-free vinyl gloves
  • Gripseal bag
  • Full dyeing instructions

Who is this kit suitable for?

We’ve included all the essentials in the kit and the instructions are based on my beginner’s dyeing workshops so are suitable for first-time dyers as well as offering lots of fun for dyers with some experience.

What else will I need?

Just some basic equipment most of which you may already have. Please note that any utensils/dishes used for dyeing should not be used for cooking food afterwards:

  • A pan, dish, bucket or oven tray for dyeing your tote
  • Clingfilm or plastic to wrap your tote in to fix
  • Cloths and something to cover surfaces
  • A couple of plastic beakers (or old cups) for mixing dyes
  • Stirring spoon or stick
  • Measuring jug
  • Optional items:
    • Small objects like marbles, pebbles, bottle caps, for tying string round to create interesting shapes
    • Notebook – for recording your methods and results for use in future projects

(p.s. There’s plenty of dye and fixer in your kit for extra bags and you can buy them on their own here)


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