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Acid dye starter kit


  • Acid Dyes (Hue & Dye)

  • Acid Dyes (Hue & Dye)

  • Acid Dyes (Hue & Dye)

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Our easy to use acid dye starter kit comes with all you need to get started on your hand-dyeing adventures!

Our acid dye starter kit is suitable for hand-dyeing all animal (protein) fibres,  including wool, alpaca, cashmere, silk and nylon. Our Hue & Dye acid dyes require only a mild acid (we include citric acid in the kit) and heat to fix the colour to the fibre.

Our starter kit includes:

  • 3 x 10g pots of Hue & Dye acid dye (your choice of colours from the 12 colours in our range)
  • 125g citric acid
  • Accessory pack of gloves and measuring spoon
  • Comprehensive hand-dyeing instruction booklet written by Debbie Tomkies


The acid dye starter kit contains enough citric acid to fix 1.25kg dry weight of animal-fibre goods. There is plenty of dye in the kit to dye 3kg of yarn or fibre to a medium shade. You can buy extra citric acid or individual dye pots to extend the fun!

  • 0.1g Hue & Dye acid dye will dye 100g goods to a pastel shade
  • 1g Hue & Dye acid dye will dye 100g goods to a medium shade
  • 2-4g Hue & Dye acid dye will dye 100g goods to a deep shade (4g for deep red and full black)


Uses: Suitable for all hand-dyeing techniques including immersion, low-water immersion, dip-dye, handpaint, thicken with manutex for printing and stamping etc.

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