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Spinning Hand-Dyed Fibre by Katie Weston – out of stock


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Katie describes her book:

“This booklet is all about getting the most from beautiful braids of hand dyed fibre.
It covers a variety of dyeing styles: Repeating, Variegated, Gradient, Semi-Solid, and takes you through a whole variety of options about how to spin them.
Never again will you fall in love with a braid, and be mystified about how to get the best from it.
In a format that’s more similar to a knitters stitch dictionary than a traditional technical spinning book you’ll be able to find the information you want simply and quickly. 
It’s been described as “Katie’s Colouring Book” and that’s exactly how you should treat it. Take the outlines, and go away and add your own colour.
I travel around the country, teaching, selling at fibre shows, and also talking to many spinners online. A common thread of many of these interactions is the fear of messing up, of doing something wrong, of spoiling the dye job.
What I’m hoping you get from this booklet is a willingness to be brave, to experiment, to try new things. I want you to be empowered to look at a braid of fibre and know that there are choices you can make about how to spin it, and none of them are wrong.
This isn’t a technical spinning guide, there is a whole wealth of great books out there telling you how to do most of the techniques mentioned (and they are referenced throughout, so you can go away and look up how to do a technique).”
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