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Aluminium Lactate – mordant for natural dyeing plant (cellulose) fibres


About aluminium lactate

An alternative to aluminium acetate, aluminum lactate is produced from lactic acid obtained by fermentation of renewable materials from the sugar / starch industry.

It is a very fine white powder used to fix (mordant) natural dyes (except indigo & woad) to natural fibres.

It is an excellent mordant for cellulose (plant) fibres, being easy to use and reliable.

Our aluminium lactate is GOTS compliant.

How is aluminium lactate used?

As with aluminium acetate, mordanting with aluminium lactate can be achieved as a single-step process (although if desired, it is possible to follow the tannin-alum method where the fabric is mordanted first with a tannin then with aluminium lactate).

Aluminium lactate can be used for both hot and cold mordanting.

We recommend using at 5g per 100g dry weight of fibre.

For details on using aluminium lactate, you will find our free, downloadable instructions in our Learning Zone. Simply substitute aluminium lactate in place of the acetate.

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