Natural dye starter kit


In stock (can be backordered)

If you are new to natural dyeing our starter kits are an ideal way to begin. Our Natural Dyeing Starter and Deluxe kits include a selection of natural dye extracts, mordants (fixers) for both animal and plant fibres, colour modifiers, an accessory pack and full instructions. Our Indigo Natural Dye Kits contains all the dyes and dye assistants that you need to start your dye vat. All you need to add is some basic household equipment and water.

Our starter kit includes

  • 10g each of lac, madder, goldenrod, logwood purple and acacia dye extracts
  • 125g of alum and 25g of aluminium acetate mordants
  • 100g ferrous sulphate (colour modifier)
  • Accessory pack of gloves and a measuring spoon
  • Comprehensive instructions written specially by Debbie to accompany the kit


Our kit contains enough mordant to dye 1.25kg of protein (animal) fibres/yarn/fabric and 250g of cellulose (plant) fibres/yarn/fabric. The dye extracts will go much further so you may like to buy extra alum (for animal fibres) or aluminium acetate (for plant fibres).

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