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Christmas Countdown - Day Four!

£6 off!

It’s Day 4 of our 20 Days of Christmas Countdown and today we have a very special offer for you. For today only you can get our magical Just Add Leaves! Eco-printing natural dye kit, at a super discount of £6 against our regular selling price.

Free marigold flowers!

Plus we are giving you an exclusive sample of our new dried marigold flowers. Use them for printing or in the dyebath for stunning golds and yellows.

20% discount on scarves!

We are also giving you the chance to buy extra scarves at 20% discount on the normal price (order below). You’ll have plenty of dyestuffs and mordant and once you’ve started you won’t want to stop!

Remember this offer will last for 24 hours only (and while stocks last so don’t delay or you might miss out!). To take advantage of the special price you must purchase the product from this page – if you use the regular product page you will be charged full price.

If you are new to natural dyeing our starter kits are an ideal way to begin. Our Just Add Leaves! kit includes your choice of natural dyestuff, mordants (fixers) for silk and animal fibres, two colour modifiers, an accessory pack and full instructions. All you need to add is some basic household equipment and water. I designed this kit specifically for natural dyers who want to explore the fascinating technique of contact or eco-printing. This technique uses fresh leaves gathered from your garden or hedgerow that are laid on your scarf, folded/wrapped/tied and then dyed. You can also use the colour modifiers to create overlay prints, extend the colour range and produce stunning patterns on your silk scarf. Your kit includes:
  • A beautiful habotai scarf
  • One natural dyestuff of your choice
  • 125g of aluminium potassium (alum) mordant
  • 100g ferrous sulphate (colour modifier)
  • 125g citric acid (for rusting found items for printing)
  • 10m cotton cord (for tying for resist and for embellishing)
  • Elastic bands for wrapping and resist effects
  • Steel tube (for optimum results when pole wrapping)
  • Accessory pack of gloves and a measuring spoon
  • A comprehensive instruction booklet written by Debbie specially for this kit
  You can achieve lots of colours from your kit but to extend your experiments combine or mix your dyestuff with our natural extracts (available separately) to create rich, vibrant shades, pastels and muted tones.

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