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Rainbows from Nature (previously Nature’s Rainbow) Dye Kit


Availability: 4 in stock (can be backordered)

Would you like to add some yarn to your kit?

Pure wool mini skeins 5 x 20g (non-superwash) 4ply (sock)

Superwash merino/nylon micro skeins 5 x 10g (4ply) (sock)

About the Rainbows from Nature (previously Nature’s Rainbow) natural dye kit

Create your rainbow courtesy of Mother Nature! I designed this kit specifically for natural dyers who want to produce vibrant, rich shades that span the colour spectrum. In your kit you will find 5 wonderful natural dyes including the amazing Saxon blue which produces rich turquoise/blues on protein fibres without needing an indigo vat!

Your kit includes:

  • 20g madder
  • 10g weld
  • 42ml Saxon blue
  • 10g cochineal
  • 20g logwood
  • 250g aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) – mordant/fixer
  • 100g ferrous sulphate – colour modifier
  • Vinyl gloves, measuring spoon
  • My comprehensive instruction booklet

With these dyes you can make a full rainbow of colours with enough mordant (fixer) to dye 2.5kg of fibre/yarn/fabric. The dyes will go much further and you can order extra alum too. And of course, you’re not limited to the colours of the rainbow – your kit will produce hundreds of different shades and colour combinations!

Who is this kit suitable for?

We’ve included all the essentials in the kit and the instructions are based on my beginner’s dyeing workshop so are suitable for first-time dyers as well as offering lots of fun for dyers with some experience.

What else will I need?

Just some basic equipment most of which you may already have. Please note that any utensils/dishes used for dyeing should not be used for cooking food afterwards:

  • A pan, microwave dish or oven tray for cooking your hand-dyed yarn
  • Cloths and something to cover surfaces
  • A couple of plastic beakers (or old cups) for mixing dyes
  • Stirring spoon or stick

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