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Natural Dye Deluxe Kit


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About our Deluxe Natural Dye Kit

If you are new to natural dyeing our Natural Dye Deluxe kit is a fabulous, comprehensive introduction to this fascinating, traditional skill. Our deluxe kit includes 5 full-sized pots of our super-concentrated, Hue & Dye natural dye extracts. We also include large packs of mordants (fixers) that will allow you to dye both animal and plant fibres. There are also 4 different colour modifiers in the kit. These further extend the amazing range of colours you can achieve simply by changing the quality of the water. You can see how this works on our natural dye extracts pages where Debbie has dyed each skein in the same dye extract then altered the colour after dyeing with the colour modifiers.

We also provide an accessory pack with a measuring spoon and gloves and pH papers to test your water. A comprehensive instruction booklet written by Debbie will tell you all you need to know to get started. All you need to add are some basic items of household equipment and water.

What’s in the kit?

In our Natural Dye Deluxe Kit we include:

  • 20g each of lac, madder, goldenrod, logwood purple and acacia natural dye extracts
  • 250g of alum and 50g of aluminium acetate mordants
  • Four colour modifiers: 100g ferrous sulphate, 100g copper sulphate, 125g citric acid and 125g sodium carbonate
  • Universal indicator pH papers
  • Accessory pack of gloves and a measuring spoon
  • Comprehensive instructions specially written by Debbie to accompany the kit

This fabulous kit contains enough mordant to dye 2.5kg of protein fibres/yarn/fabric and 1kg of plant fibres/fabric/yarn. The dye extracts will go much further so you may like to purchase extra alum (for animal fibres like wool and silk) or aluminium acetate (for plant fibres like cotton).

What can I use this kit for?

This is a great kit that can be used on any natural yarn, fibre or fabric. Blends of fibres (75/25 wool/nylon for example) will also dye well.

Our extracts can be used for solid colour (immersion) dyeing, rainbow dyeing, ombre, fades, veil, dip dye and handpaints. Add some gum tragacanth to your kit and you can also thicken your dyes for amazing printing techniques on fabrics.

And don’t forget that the kit includes a range of modifiers that can be used in so many combinations to extend the colour range. Overprints, resists, tie-dye – the possibilities are endless!

Who is this kit suitable for?

I’ve designed this kit to suit a complete beginner as well as offering lots of scope for experimentation to more experienced dyers.

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