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Aluminium Triformate (100g)


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What is aluminium triformate (ATF)?

Aluminum triformate (ATF) is a mordant made from mineral salts that can be used successfully at room temperature. It performs best on protein fibres like wool but can be used on any natural fibe, including cotton, silk, linen, hemp.

Benefits of aluminium triformate:
  • Being able to mordant at room temperature saves energy and avoids the need to have very large, heatproof vessels when you are mordanting large pieces.
  • As the mordanting process can be done at room temperature there is no need for pot-watching during the process! (Although we do recommend gentle stirring initially until the fibres are wetted out to avoid air pockets).
  • The mordant bath can be re-used, simply topping up as required.
  • It is a versatile mordant, being suitable for all natural fibres.
  • Aluminium triformate is a light powder and so dissolves readily in warm water. (Please wear a dust mask and gloves as any fine powder can be irritating to the skin and nose/throat/chest).
  • It is economical to use. We suggest 5-10g per 100g dry weight of fibre.
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