Botanical Colors Liquid Natural Dye Extracts



Our liquid natural dye extracts from Botanical Colors are 100% natural dyes produced in a handy liquid format.

They are highly concentrated making them ideal for fine detailed work such as painting and printing as they retain their depth of shade when mixed with a print or thickening medium.


Mordant (fix) with:

  • Aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) on protein fibres (wool, silk, alpaca etc.). We suggest a ratio of 10% (1g alum per 100g dry weight of goods)
  • Aluminium acetate on cellulose fibres (cotton, linen etc.). We suggest a ratio of 5% (5g aluminium acetate per 100g dry weight of goods)


These dyes can be cold-mordanted or hot-fixed with a steamer, microwave, oven or stovetop.

Important note: Saxon blue is not recommended for use on cellulose fibres as it produces little or no colour.

Uses: Use for immersion, low-water immersion, dip-dye, handpainting. Thicken with gum tragacanth for fine printing or manutex for block prints and stamping.

Comes with simple instruction sheet.

For more comprehensive instructions, you may like our instruction booklet or one of our starter kits.