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Botanical Colors Liquid Natural Dye Extracts


Our liquid natural dye extracts from Botanical Colors are 100% natural dyes produced in a handy liquid format.

They are highly concentrated making them ideal for fine detailed work such as painting and printing as they retain their depth of shade when mixed with a print or thickening medium.


Mordant (fix) with:

  • Aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) on protein fibres (wool, silk, alpaca etc.). We suggest a ratio of 10% (1g alum per 100g dry weight of goods)
  • Aluminium acetate on cellulose fibres (cotton, linen etc.). We suggest a ratio of 5% (5g aluminium acetate per 100g dry weight of goods)


These dyes can be cold-mordanted or hot-fixed with a steamer, microwave, oven or stovetop.

Important note: Saxon blue is not recommended for use on cellulose fibres as it produces little or no colour.

Uses: Use for immersion, low-water immersion, dip-dye, handpainting. Thicken with gum tragacanth for fine printing or manutex for block prints and stamping.

We have a simple, free instruction leaflet available to download here

For more comprehensive instructions, you may like our instruction booklet or one of our starter kits.

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