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Sale! Last stocks of our original Acid Dyes


Sale – Last stocks of our original acid dyes!

We have a small stock of our original acid milling dye range. The dyes have been tested and work fine. I originally kept them for custom dye jobs and while customers swapped over their recipes to the new range. After convincing myself I’d use them up I’ve finally concluded that this *might* not happen!

So, this is the list of what’s available and, as with the other items in the sale, when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Brief info about the dyes (the same as our current acid dyes):

Supplied in sturdy, screwtop pots. Wide neck allows easy access and ensures minimal waste. Colours are fully blendable and produce pastels through deep shades. Compatible with other ranges of acid dyes and can be used on protein fibres with procion dyes.

Suggested quantities:
  • 0.1g Dye will dye 100g goods to a pastel shade
  • 1g Dye will dye 100g goods to a medium shade
  • 2-4g Dye will dye 100g goods to a deep shade (4g for deep red and full black)

Acid dyes are suitable for: Protein (animal) fibres, silk and nylon.


Citric acid or vinegar and heat to fix.


Use for immersion, low-water immersion, dip-dye, handpaint, thicken with manutex for printing and stamping etc.

How to use:

For the downloadable, free instructions see here

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