20 Days of Christmas Countdown! Fibre Reactive (Procion MX) deluxe dye kit


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To go with your kit, we hae these specially selected yarns

Bleached white undyed 100% cotton (DK) (100g)

Pima cotton 4ply (100g)

Superwash merino/nylon high twist micro skeins 5 x 10g (4ply) (sock)

Pure wool mini skeins 5 x 20g (non-superwash) DK

100% superwash wool (cream) (DK) (50g)

100% Merino wool superwash laceweight yarn (100g)

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Christmas Countdown Day 2!

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One of most popular kits and a great introduction to dyeing both cellulose (plant) and protein (animal) fibres. Super-easy to use at a super-special price – and as it’s Christmas we’ll put in some pipettes as an extra gift, too!

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Our easy to use fibre-reactive (procion) dye kits come with all you need to get started on your dyeing adventures! This super deluxe kit contains one of each of our 12 fibre-reactive (procion mx) dyes, fixers for both animal and plant fibres and comprehensive instructions written specially for the kit by Debbie Tomkies. Let your imagination run wild!

Suitable for all animal (protein) and plant (cellulose) fibres,  including wool, alpaca, cotton, linen, silk and nylon. Our fibre reactive dyes require only a mild acid for animal fibres (we include citric acid in the kit) and heat to fix the colour to the fibre. For plant fibres we include sodium carbonate in the kit to fix the dyes (no heat required).

Our starter kit includes:

12 x 10g pots of fibre reactive (procion mx) dye (one pot of each colour from our range)
250g citric acid
250g sodium carbonate
Accessory pack of gloves and measuring spoon
Comprehensive instruction booklet written by Debbie Tomkies

The kit contains enough citric acid and sodium carbonate to fix 1kg dry weight of animal-fibre goods and 1kg plant fibres. The dyes will dye around to 12kg to a medium shade! You can buy extra citric acid, sodium carbonate or individual dye pots to extend the fun!

Who is this kit suitable for?

We’ve included all the essentials in the kit and the instructions are based on my beginner’s dyeing workshop so are suitable for first-time dyers as well as offering lots of fun for dyers with some experience.

About our procion dyes

You can use Hue & Dye procion dyes on almost any natural fibre, including protein (animal) fibres like wool, alpaca and silk. They will also work on cellulose (plant) fibres like cotton, hemp, linen. for a wide range of techniques: Ombres and fades; dip; veil; speckle; handpaints; solid colour (immersion); low-water immersion and more! They can also be thickened with manutex for printing and are the ‘go-to’ dyes for tie-dye, shibori and resist dyeing.

Our procion dyes are fibre reactive, ‘MX’ dyes. They provide an excellent balance between colour range, adaptability to different fibres, colour, wash and lightfastness. As a bi-functional dye procion dyes are very easy to use.

How much dye do I need?

0.1g Dye will dye 100g goods to a pastel shade
1g Dye will dye 100g goods to a medium shade
2-4g Dye will dye 100g goods to a deep shade (4g for deep red and full black)

What else will I need?

Just some basic equipment most of which you may already have. Please note that any utensils/dishes used for dyeing should not be used for cooking food afterwards:

  • A pan, microwave dish or oven tray for cooking your hand-dyed yarn
  • Cloths and something to cover surfaces
  • A couple of plastic beakers (or old cups) for mixing dyes
  • Stirring spoon or stick