Nature’s Rainbow Dye Kit


In stock (can be backordered)

Create your rainbow courtesy of Mother Nature!

I designed this kit specifically for natural dyers who want to produce vibrant, rich shades that span the colour spectrum.

In your kit you will find 5 wonderful natural dyes including the amazing Saxon blue which produces rich turquoise/blues on protein fibres without needing an indigo vat!

  • 20g madder
  • 10g weld
  • 42ml Saxon blue
  • 10g cochineal
  • 20g logwood
  • 250g aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) – mordant/fixer
  • 100g ferrous sulphate – colour modifier
  • Vinyl gloves, measuring spoon
  • My comprehensive instruction booklet


With these dyes you can make a full rainbow of colours with enough mordant (fixer) to dye 2.5kg of fibre/yarn/fabric. The dyes will go much further and you can order extra alum too. And of course, you’re not limited to the colours of the rainbow – your kit will produce hundreds of different shades and colour combinations!