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Cut your knitting! – Steeking workshop with Debbie

Steeking workshop with Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft and Design

My first Weavers, spinner & dyers workshop since before covid and it was over to Frodsham for a visit to the Cheshire Guild to introduce the members to the magic that is steeking.

About steeking

Briefly, steeking is cutting your knitting! But not just any old cut, this technique converts projects knitted in the round into flat knitting. It is also a great technique for creating armholes, buttonholes and other openings.

Why steeking?

So why not just knit flat in the first place? Good question.

The beauty of steeking is that it allows the knitter to knit a project in the round uninterrupted. Whereas a jacket knitted flat would require knit and purl rows, a circular project requires only knit rows (which most people find much quicker). Add in the complexity of colourwork and the benefits of continuous knitting without purls becomes even more attractive!

A jacket can be knitted right up to the shoulder as a single, continuous tube. With some canny adjustments at the centre and armholes, these can later be cut to reveal neat front edges and simple armholes. No side seams either!

Originally a timesaver for knitters who made their living knitting, it has many uses for those of us who knit for pleasure too.

Learn steeking at one of my workshops

If you would like to find out more about steeking and learn how and when to steek your garments, I’ll be listing workshops on the calendar.

Groups and guilds

If you would like to book a workshop for your Guild, group or organisation, please get in touch. We travel around the country so we can come to you.

Small groups and one-to-one sessions

Alternatively, we now have our dedicated studio at A4 studios in Altrincham (near Manchester) where we can offer group sessions and one-to-one tuition.


For more information or to book, please drop me an email or give me a call.

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Picture of Debbie Tomkies
Debbie Tomkies

Debbie is a textile designer, hand-dyer, author and tutor with over 25 years' experience in her field. Debbie has 4 books and over 100 articles published in major magazines and welcomes requests for articles, how-to features, technical and research articles, video tutorials and books.

Making Futures

In addiiton to being a partner in DT Craft & Design, Debbie runs social enterprise Making Futures CIC, delivering a wide range of workshops, classes, Arts Award, Artsmark and City & Guilds accredited programmes. Debbie also offers business mentoring and start-up advice to new creative enterprises.

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