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DT Craft and Design – November Dye-a-Long challenge!

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'Be Counted'

This month’s Dye-a-Long challenge is inspired by current events in the run-up to 12th December.

‘Be Counted’ celebrates the women who fought for the vote and recognises those people around the world still fighting for that right.

About the Dye-a-Long Challenge

The monthly Dye-a-Long came about through the Facebook Discussion Group and from questions from students on my workshops about how to design colourways and colour schemes.

We were chatting about how often we feel like getting out the dyepots but can’t quite find the inspiration for a colourway. To get us all kickstarted, we came up with the idea of a Dye-a-Long.

Essentially, each month I post an image, collage, theme, technique or just an idea. Anyone who wants to take part then interprets the theme in whatever way appeals to them. It can be dyeing yarn, fibre, fabric, mixed media, print, weaving, felting.

Members post photos of their interpretations on the group page – it might be one picture or several, sometimes with an explanation about the technique or a bit of background but there’s no need to provide any explanation if you prefer!

The idea is to be fun, inclusive and just get the creative juices going.

If you would like to take part and aren’t on Facebook, that’s cool. You can email me a photo and I’ll put it on the page. I also put the pics in the gallery. If you would like to see some of the earlier months, do hop over and have a look.

(And if you’re not taking part, you are welcome to post your work/s in progress, finished projects or ask for suggestions – everyone is very friendly and helpful!).

Need some materials to get you going? You’ll find procion dyes, acid dyes, natural dyes, starter kits, fixers and equipment in the shop.


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