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Indigo dyeing on fabric – In person workshop – Sunnybank Mills, Farsley nr Leeds – 14 May 2023


Experience Nature’s Beautiful Blues in this fascinating workshop with dye expert Debbie Tomkies.

In this in person workshop Debbie will be showing you how to set up a simple dye vat using sodium carbonate (soda ash) and thiourea dioxide (spectralite). This reliable, easy to use vat can be created easily at home with our Natural Indigo starter kit and some basic equipment. Debbie will be showing you how to prepare fabric for dyeing, some simple tie-dye techniques, how to dye your fabric, building up colour, finishing and a brief look at overdyeing.

What you will learn on the day:

You will try your hand at dyeing fabric in our indigo vat, learn about resist, tie-dye (shibori) and overdyeing. You will create a stunning, hand-dyed scarf and a selection of samples to take home.

After the workshop, you will take home a lovely, one-of-a-kind scarf and a selection of indigo dyed samples. The knowledge and skills to indigo dye at home, including how to set up your own simple natural indigo vat.

The course is suitable for complete beginners. For those who have done some natural dyeing previously, there is plenty to explore too!


Do I need to bring anything?

A packed lunch (or buy something from a local food outlet)

We’ll provide everything else you’ll need – dyes, even gloves and an apron.

PLEASE NOTE – This might get messy, so don’t wear your favourite pair of white jeans!


About the classes

Debbie loves to teach and has been a dyer for over 30 years so you’ll be able to pick her brains for tips, tricks and hacks!

Debbie’s dyeing sessions are fun and enjoyable. The pace is relaxed and there is time for questions and we make time for a brew too!


About Debbie

Debbie has been a hand-dyer for over 30 years. She has worked with yarn companies, hand-dyeing yarns for commercial collections. She also ran successful yarn and fibre dye clubs for a number of years.

Debbie teaches dyeing and printing with both synthetic and natural dyes, including indigo and woad vat dyeing. She works with yarn, fabric and fibres. 

Debbie is the author of 5 internationally published books, Hand-Dyed Yarn Craft Projects, Complete Knitting Skills, 250 Knitting Stitches, Knitting.Learn it.Love it and How to Knit.

When she’s not dyeing, designing, knitting or crocheting, you’ll find her in the garden, tending her dyeplants, enjoying a nice craft beer or hugging a big mug of builders’ tea. And if you’re out and about, she can often be found in the mosh pit at a gig or enjoying some folk music!



Is there anything we can help with?

If you need any information about this course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone.

Debbie says... I love teaching workshops and courses – part of the pleasure of doing something I love for a living is in knowing that other people have shared my passion and enthusiasm, learned something new, had lots of fun and generally had a good time! Teaching is a learning process for the tutor as much as for the students so I like to keep a comments book for feedback. Here are some of my favourite excerpts…

What our students say...

“I had a wonderful time and discovered a new passion! Thank you so much for your clear and thorough instructions and for being such an inspiration. My only problem is finding the time to fit dyeing into my already busy days – but never fear, it will have to be done! Inspiring!”

“Wonderful! Thank you very much”.

“A really fun session that demystified what had seemed like a very complicated craft to me before today. Thank you!

“Fab fun. I’d love to do some more! Thankyou!”.


14 May 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Debbie Tomkies
Debbie Tomkies
0161 718 3818

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