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Rainbows from Nature – Online dyeing workshop in conjunction with The Loom Shed


Join me for my latest online workshop, dyeing with natural dye extracts.

About the workshop

In conjunction with The Loom Shed, I’ll be teaching this one-day workshop online. Join from the comfort of your own home/studio and dye along with me.

There’ll be time for practicing techniques, asking questions and lots to interest everyone – from complete beginners to more experienced dyers.


I’ve put together two special packs for the course. As these kits are new for the workshop, you will receive the password when you book your ticket.

You will be able to select the essentials dye extracts pack if you already have your mordants and yarn (we’ll be using alum for our animal fibres, aluminium acetate if you are working with plant fibres). The dye extracts are madder, weld, cochineal and Saxon blue.

Alternatively, select the deluxe pack and you will receive the 4 dye extracts, mordant, 50g wool yarn, measuring spoon and 4 syringes.

You can also buy the items for the workshop individually if you prefer. Ideal if you already have a stash of dyes and just need a top-up!


Head over to The Loom Shed page where you can find out more and book your place! I’ll look forward to seeing you!


12 November 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



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