100% cotton gimp (DK) (50g)


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This unique, quirky gimp yarn looks rather uninspiring and you may even notice a slightly strange smell! Don’t be put off, however. Scour first with synthrapol and sodium carbonate to remove any residual colouration in the yarn. You will then have an interesting textured yarn which is easy to work with.

Suitable for a wide range of projects from washcloths, craft knits, garments and accessories.

Dyes beautifully with our fibre reactive or natural dyes.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Yardage (metreage)


Needle/hook size

Suggested needle/hook sizes: 3.75mm-5mm



Washing instructions

Wash by hand in warm water with pH neutral wash liquid. Rinse carefully in warm water then squeeze excess water out by hand. Do not wring. Roll in a clean, lint-free towel if required to remove excess moisture and leave to dry out of direct sunlight in a warm place. Do not dry over a radiator or with direct heat.