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The Art & Science of Natural Dyes Joy Boutrup & Catherine Ellis now in stock!

Natural dyeing book the art and science of natural dyes by catharine ellis and joy boutrop
Natural dyeing book the art and science of natural dyes by catharine ellis and joy boutrop

This book is getting rave reviews and quite rightly so!

It bridges the gap between the aspiring natural dyer making their very first dyebath and takes them right through to understanding the chemistry of natural dyes.

What I particularly like is that Boutrup and Ellis cover the science behind natural dyeing but in a way that will appeal and make sense to the creative person who doesn’t have a degree in chemistry but wants to understand more.

It covers so many aspects of natural dyeing from choosing and working with different fibres, dyestuffs, mordanting,  printing (including printing with indigo), and a useful look at light and washfastness (an often-discussed topic in natural dyeing forums!).

The recipes and illustrations are great and the spiral binding makes it a really practical, hands-on book.

It will definitely spend more time on your dye table than your bookshelf.

If it isn’t covered in dyespots with the pages half-gummed together within a month I’d be very surprised!’

You can purchase a copy on the website here.

If you are looking for a natural dye kit to put your learning into practice our Nature’s Rainbow natural dye kit is a great choice. Alternatively our Natural Dye Deluxe and Natural Dye Starter kit will give you an excellent set to experiment with. If you’re a more experienced dyer, our natural dye extracts and Botanical Colors liquid extractsindigomordants and modifiers can all be bought separately too.

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